3 Poker Games You Need to Try

Poker is one of the loved games from casinos that is enjoyed by people with or without money. Texas holds ’em poker has become a home game for friends and families, while the other variants are also getting popular. You might want to know about the other variants of poker, too, in case you are planning to expand your knowledge about poker or find something fresh. Here are the three poker games apart from Texas hold’em that you should try out.

Pot-limit Omaha

Pot-limit Omaha is Europe’s favorite high-stakes poker game as it involves tons of actions just like Texas hold’em. You receive four hole cards, and the best you can make can bet can only be equal to what is inside the pot. It is a lot similar to Texas hold’em in terms of rules. There are five community cards, and betting rounds are also the same as hold’em. Each player gets four cards, and you can use exactly two cards with the three community cards to make the best five-card hand. The rules for winning are also the same as hold’em.

Pot-limit Omaha

Seven-card Stud

The seven-card stud was the most popular poker game among the gamblers before Texas hold’em grew popularity. This game has no community cards, and each player gets to make a fixed bet. Each player receives three cards when making the first bet called ante (one face-up and two face-down cards). The player with the lowest face-up card value has to “bring it in,” i.e., bet at least five times the ante. Instead of bring-in, the player can also choose to “complete” by paying ten times the ante. The same continues clockwise, with every player having an option to fold/complete. Once everyone has made their decisions, another card is dealt face-up called the fourth street. The players can now bet clockwise with the player with the highest face-up card.

This pattern continues with everyone receiving a face-up card on the fifth and sixth street. The players receive the seventh street face down. Anyone who continues to play after the seventh street will need the best five-card poker hand to win.


When you learn about the seven-card stud, you can quickly learn how to play Razz. It is a lowball game where the card and hand rankings are flipped upside down. The goal of Razz is to make the worst possible five-card hand possible. The aces have the lowest value in Razz, and the straights and flushes are not included. The lowest or best hand in Razz is 5-4-3-2-A. The gameplay of Razz is the same as the seven-card stud, but in the beginning, the player with the highest value card “brings it in.” Razz also has a limit and has the same betting patterns that include bring-in, complete, small bet, and big bet. After all rounds end, the player who has the lowest hand wins the pot.

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