8-Game Mix Poker

8-Game Mix Poker Guide for Beginners

Poker, according to numbers, is the most loved game in any casino. There are different variants of poker that people enjoy playing around the world, and one such interesting game is the 8-game mix poker. While Texas hold ’em is becoming common and more people are emerging as pros, you need to learn a game where you can easily beat the rookies. The 8-game mix poker is one such new game and can give you an early advantage until everyone starts learning it. In this 8-game mix guide, you will learn how to play an 8-game mix of poker.

8-Game Mix Poker

You can clearly understand from the name that it involves a mix of 8 different poker games. If you know the rules for each of the poker variants for 8-game mix poker, you already have an advantage. You can easily beat the lower stake tables with your knowledge of every poker game. Most of the casual gamers enjoy this game as it does not require them to learn the rules. On the other hand, if you come across a professional, you can have a hard time unless you are prepared. Once to practice and master all the eight games, you can at least call yourself a pro poker player.

8-Game Mix Poker

The eight games that are played in this variant of poker include

  1. 2-7 Triple Draw
  2. Limit Hold ’em
  3. Razz
  4. Stud Hi-Lo
  5. Omaha Hi-Lo
  6. Seven Card Stud
  7. Texas Hold ’em No-Limit
  8. Pot-Limit Omaha

The table consists of 6 players, and the game changes according to a fixed rotation of the games mentioned above. The games change after a certain time interval, which gives each gambler fairness and fun who can try their strong games out of the eight.

The basic strategy for 8-game mix poker

If you learn the basic strategy for all the eight poker games, the game will automatically become easy for you. However, you also need to manage your money according to your strong games. You can find many casual gamers at lower stakes, which may be good at one or two games but get owned by others in the rest of the games. It may get difficult to focus on each game’s rules in the beginning, but once you develop the habit of playing the game, you can easily switch your mindset and strategies according to every new game.

When you see your opponent not feeling confident about a particular game, it is time for you to put pressure on them and make them fold after every blind. You can also bluff more when your opponent does not know about the rules of the games that you are playing. Since most of the games are limit games, bluffing is not that rewarding, yet it can give you a head start at the game.

Since this game already hosts eight different games, it is suggested that you avoid playing multiple tables as it can get more complex and can damage your bankroll.

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