Where do our readers live?

Most of the readers of China the Beautiful are from the United States and Canada, followed by United Kingdom and Australia.

Our computer kept detail statistics of all web traffic.
For the month of January 2007, there were 1,181,000 unique visitors.
Of these, 475,500 have known locations (top level domains);but 705,000 do not show their TLDs.

Using the known locations, the list of top 70 domains are as follows:

In the above table, domains net, com, edu, "us" and "us military" are all based in the United States.
With 500,000 data points, the results can be considered quite reliable. The results are generally consistent with previous year's results.

Readership from Mainland China is growing from year to year, but still lags behind other regions. It ranks No. 34.
The statistics above exclude the web traffic related to the Forum, and only counts readings of web pages of China the Beautiful.
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