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[photo] China the Beautiful is a web site on the internet serving as a primary resource site for the Chinese classics, arts, history, literature, poetry, calligraphy, and paintings, and all that is beautiful and glorious in the Chinese culture. It is dedicated to all peoples in the world with a love of the Chinese heritage.

A cultural heritage can only be handed down from generation to generation through written records. Many cultures were lost to us for want of written histories. One of the cruelest acts of foreign conquerors and home grown tyrants is to destroy and burn books, re-write history, control and suppress the dissemination of information.

It is my fervent hope that books shall be free and easily accessible to all common people, and they will never again be burned, banned or controlled by kings, emperors, tyrants and governments - be they dictatorial, democratic or whatever.

For the first time in human history, there is hope that this goal may be achievable - by digitizing the writings and all forms of records and distribute them world-wide through the internet. Freely and permanently.

This page is the effort of but one professor emeritus, working without the approval or support of my university, any authorities or organizations. Nor do I seek them. Thus, I alone am responsible for its contents, errors and omissions. If you - my dear reader - approve, I shall be content.

The Chinese culture is vast. No one individual can even dream of presenting even a tiny part of it on the net. I have no grand plans to do it all. I started this page in the spirit of "throwing a brick to seek jade." May you and others take on the immense task of the promotion of the Chinese culture. And may the beauty and glory that is the Chinese culture soon become known and easily accessible far and worldwide.

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My vita is available in Who's Who in America

My motto [] is inspired by a painting of Qi Baishi

Now I am in my eighties...
Looking forward to my nineties.

With many good days yet to come.

Under a crop of white hair...
I shall study and read.

Grow old -- grow stronger!

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