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The Forum is provided for the readers to post comments, discussions, and questions. We hope to create and promote a community with the spirit of mutual help and friendship. We do not allow the space to be used for self-promotion or commercial purposes. Nor do we allow any postings that are irrelevent to or inappropriate with the scopes and goals of Chine the Beautiful.

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The Fourm is monitored, and all postings may be edited or removed.

CTB Discussion Group at Yahoo!

This is not the primary Forum for discussions.
Its only function is to provide a way for readers to upload photos, gif and jpg files to the "photo" section in this area. Such photo, etc can be viewed by everyone.
There are two reasons for this:

(a) Because of virus, we discourge the use of email for the exchange of non-text files and will not accept non-text files sent by email. The rapid spread of virus is due to hidden virus in honest people's computers sent out by email without your knowledge.

(b)Email only goes to designated individuals. Often you do not know who to send your file to, and may have to send it several times. It is more convenient when it is posted in a place where everyone can view it.

Simply go to there, register, upload your file, and then post a message on the Forum.

Thus, you can post a message like this:
"I have such-and-such question. I posted the photo on the Yahoo site under such-and-such title. I would appreciate comments from anyone."

Asiawind Chinese Culture Forum
This is an associated forum hosted by Dr. S.L. Lee, moderator

Note about CTB Email List

Email List has long been discontinued. Please use CTB Forum to read or post your questions.